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Career expert's advice
"You never have a second chance for the first impression."

The first impression you make on a potential employer is the most important one. You never have a second chance for a first impression. Your written job application includes a cover letter and your resume. If requested a scan of your recommandation letters. A good looking and well structured resume should outline contact details, work history, name of employers, related experience and education.

>>> Check the size of attachments (max. 4 MB)

In Austria, Germany and Switzerland information about your nationality, place and date of birth and a portrait foto is required. We know that in other countries there is another meaning. But if you read these lines you might have an advantage if you send your application as we used to get it ususally. With your signature on your resume you confirm that all given informations are true and complete.

>>> Please use only professional made portrait fotos in your resume.

If you give further information to the recruiter what you like to do in your spare time, this is up to you. But you could get further points if you give information about your personality. If you add references and contact persons, please check out before that the contact detail is valid and that they are informed that you named them. Otherwise it is also fine if you write "available on request".

Most of candidates talk too much or too less. Don't snarl at the reception desk or to the assistant. Be sized up from the first minute you walk into the office.

If you want that first impression is to be not just a good one, but, a great one. Then we have a very special advice for you. Dress like your potential boss does and prepare and check the chosen clothes a few days before.

>>> Dress like your potential boss does.

How to beat stage fright before or during the job interview?

The following answer is not a solution but a solace. Most people have some stage fright during a job interview.

If you learn and train your basic self-presentation by practicing then you will act more self-confident. A review of the job description you applied for, research about the interviewing company and how to get there will be a perfect starting base.

>>> Research about company, job description and how to get there


Congratulations, you are one of the lucky candidates which are shortlisted.

First you can be sure that you are highly qualified and also your personality skills are strong. Before the final job interview takes place, you will have the possibility to prepare a presentation to a case study which you will perform and discuss in front of your potential employer observed by the recruiter. Check out the lastest news of your potential employer concerning new projects, mergers and acquisitions, read ad hoc news and learn about the lastest year end closing.

>>> Collect information about company

If you learn about corporate culture and values you might have an advantage when you implement these corporate values to your presentation.

>>> Learn and implement corporate culture values


Yes or No.

The higher the effort for job application and the more attractive the job itself the more disappointing is a rejection. This is not an evaluation of your skills or work experience. In every recruitment assignment there is a job profiling which includes education, work experience and also personality profiling and there might be another candidate which profile is more near to cover the job profile.


If you are candidate number one, you will receive a draft of an employment contract. Read through it properly and if needed negotiate about some details you wont accept. But do it in a polite way and prepare well. Find a phrasing which is suitable for you and your employer. The way you act strengthens the opinion of your employer that they made the right decision on you.

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